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We invite you to a new learning experience, where you will end up not only speaking perfect english, but even start to dream in english. It will be a life long journey. Start making a difference today!

English is the most important language in the world!

To speak english is good - To speak english really good, is perfect.


With a lot of Fun - It's easy

Forget about grammar. Start thinking english. Begin to imagine a world where you speak english as if it were your mother tongue.

Flexible & Individual

Learn when you have time - Choose the topic you want to speak about - Join groups to see how far you have come - Re-charge your career

We are like a big family

Join our english teams and develop your english skill in groups that meet your needs - Learning a language takes time - Start now!


The perfect setting to learn english - your choice!

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Individual English Language Coaching

The perfect way to learn English is one-on-one. This can take place online or in person, it just depends on your requirement. In a one-on-one session we can decide on your personal english language goals, the pace you want to go, the topics that interest you, the media we use, the level of challenge and feedback, the practice while out-of-session, the milestones you want to achieve and much more. It all depends on what it is that you like to achieve. If you don´t stretch, you won´t grow! Individual is simply that: an individual choice.

English Language Groups

The second perfect way to learn English is in a group. This can also take place online or in person. You decide, what kind of group you´d like to join. Our groups are never more than 20 people. Depending on the level you want to start with, we will assign you to the most approprate group available. Most likely you will be joining a group that already exists. Some folks will be new as you, others will have attended for some time already. Don´t be afraid to join a group. One day you will be the senior.

Company-based English Classes

For companies we offer online or inhouse classes. Depending on how far your employees are distributed, online might make most sense. Any online course can of course extend to include one or more extra days where people meet in person. A hybrid version. This is helpful in order to train live presentations. Nothing is as exciting as to walk up to that stage and show what you've got. While on our program, many people learn much more than english: they learn to stand up, take the microfon and perform!

Undecided? - Try a setting - Free of charge

It is totally understandable. How could you possible know, which setting is best for you? So let's try one. Give us a call or contact us via our contact form and we will see that you will get a chance to participate in one of our English Language Groups. This will be a group where most people know each other. But don´t be hesitant. Everybody started with the same questions and the same feelings about it. A few weeks later, you will be very happy that you took this important step.

7 Reasons to start NOW

  • The earlier you start, the earlier you will benefit from what you´ve accomplished
  • Don´t get frustrated with difficult grammar - have fun listening to yourself
  • Activate 90% of your brains memory capacity while constantly presenting
  • Feedback is the mother of all improvements - benefit from group settings
  • It's a lot to learn, don´t waste your time - start practicing english today
  • Speaking english is key to faster learning - switch to turbo-mode now
  • We teach you to even think in english - speaking will be a bonus

Imagine your first presentation in perfect English!

Contact us and learn about your options - We have special conditions for those in need!


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There is only one way to learn english - Practice speaking and feel it!

The earlier you start improving your english - the faster you get to see, hear and feel your success.